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Janine J

My first encounter with Toni Azzopardi was a positive encounter right from the start! Toni was extremely friendly, helpful and patient! No matter how many questions I threw at her, she always took the time to respond via email, text or phone! She went thru great lengths to ensure I received a “Debt Settlement” package that was very manageable for me. Prior to meeting Toni, everyday I would monitor my phone calls avoiding blocked/unknown callers or numbers I didn’t recognized; I dreaded going to the mailbox because it was always letters from collectors demanding payment. The fear of garnishment loomed in my mind everyday. I felt like a weight was lifted once Toni started to help me out. Throughout this entire process, Toni treated me as a friend and not just another client; she had my daughter and myself in mind and not her financial gain. This process was quick, efficient and I would recommend New Beginnings to anyone that’s ready to receive financial freedom! Thank You Toni, I finally have my life back and I am “Stress Free”

Jun 6, 2016

Johann D

I was at the point where I knew I was in trouble. My debts were by far exceeding my monthly income. My Credit Rating was destroyed and It came to the point where I didn’t look forward to my pay cheque being deposited into my account because I knew I had bills to pay. Rather than try and find a solution or seek advice from others, I held out as long as I could until it came to the point where I stopped paying my bills. Then the telephone calls started and past due notices came through the mail. I had trouble sleeping. It’s hard to admit you need help because you’re worried family and/or friends will look down on you. Nobody wants to admit they made mistakes. Under advice from a Lawyer, I was put in touch with a credit counsellor who recommended I get in contact with TLC Debt Counseling. That was the best advice I ever received. TLC Debt Counseling really listened to me and helped me get my finances in order. The councillors offered me something I was in desperate need of during my difficult times – support. TLC Debt Counseling helped me put together a proposal offering which was financially affordable for me. I finally felt I was moving in the right direction and things were looking up. At this time, I found myself in need of TLC Debt Counselings help once again. My car was written off while I still in my proposal. I actually knew I was in need of a new vehicle for the last year and a half but was afraid to reach out (again). I was spending more money on repair bills to keep my car going. It wasn’t so much I was afraid to reach out for help. I was afraid of falling back into debt. However, me and my family are dependent on a car so I had to bite the bullet and see what I could do. I spoke to my Trustee who passed along my file back to TLC Debt Counseling. TLC Debt Counseling helped me secure a loan and purchase a vehicle through their Vehicle Solution Centre. I was told the loan was difficult to secure but it was granted. However, that’s not what surprised me. It was the speed in which they were able to secure the loan which was within my budget and get me into a vehicle. This all came together for me in a matter of weeks. If there’s one thing you can take from my experiences, do not wait until the very end before you reach out to ask for help like I did. There are people out there ready to help you out. I would strongly recommend TLC Debt Counseling to discuss your financial situation whatever it may be. I found them to be dedicated professionals who are ready to lend their expertise to help you get on the right path.

Jun 6, 2016

E Kelly

It is very hard to put into words my gratitude to TLC Debt Counseling and how they have changed my Life for the Better!! Thank you does not even begin to express how I feel…..!!! I contacted TLC Debt Counseling and I was desparate for Help. I had talked to so many other companies and professionals and Nobody could or would help me!!! I owed over 18,000 in Debt and had a garnishment order on my wages and another that was going to start. I was stressed out, could not focus and it was affecting my Job and Relationships. Toni Azzopardi of TLC Debt Counseling was kind, non judgemental and there to help me. Toni created a plan and strategy which Saved my life and changed everything!!!!! I now have No Garnishments on my wages and I am repaying only a small portion of what I owed. My payments are only 125 per month no interest, open to pay off at any time and No Garnishments!!!!! I have been given the financial freedom that I have not had in Years.. I would highly recommend that you Contact TLC Debt Counseling for Help if you have Debt or Credit Problems.. !!

Jun 6, 2016


I can’t say enough about Toni, I was in a terrible mess and needed to get back my dignity. The stress of having financial problems weighed on me heavily. I contacted Toni and she put my mind at ease, gave me direction and helped me. I now know I’m on the right track to clearing up.my financial burdens and correcting the wrongs. Toni has such compassion and respect, she doesn’t make you feel belittled,. I would recommend Toni to friends and family. Thank you for everything you have done

Jun 1, 2016

Don and Colleen

Dear Frank: Just wanted to let you know that Colleen and myself are so pleased with our new car. Your professionalism and your caring nature made the experience so easy. Thank you again, our experience was awesome and I would recommend other customers in a heartbeat! Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

Oshawa, ON
Apr 30, 2014


Frank was ‘highly recommended’ to me it was a blessed day when I met Frank. I would like to thank Frank and Mary for their hard work to help me getting the right car for me. They work out the payment that was right for me, Frank take time out to show me how the car work and I can call him anytime he will be there for me. Thanks to Frank and Mary I am enjoying my car.

Toronto, ON
Apr 25, 2014


Frank and his colleagues delivered on their promise in helping us in procuring a vehicle that we would be happy with. My wife and I are grateful for the prompt service and kindness provided by Frank and his team. We would certainly recommend VSC to anyone requiring this service.

Apr 25, 2014


I had lost all hope in buying a new vehicle until I was referred to Frank and his employees at Vehicle Solution Centre. Immediately as I talked with Frank, he made me feel he was the answer I had been waiting for. Frank and all the people at Vehicle Solution Centre made me feel at ease, and with in less than a week, I had a brand new vehicle that not only fit into my budget but I found the car that fits me and I love it. I am so thankful and can’t say enough of how professional kind and understanding Frank and his team are. I would highly recommend speaking with him if you are in the market for a vehicle.

Feb 6, 2014


Hi my name is Milen am from Mississauga. I Spoke to Frank my first interaction with Frank was over the telephone he was very professional. I made an appointment the following day. Great customer service for myself and my family on each occasion I was at the dealership. All the staff were very pleasant and attentive. Would recommend friends and family. A special thanks also to Asad and Mary.

Nov 6, 2013


I was so happy to meet with Frank and his team. For years I have been driving cars that should barely have been on the road due to my poor financial status and credit issues. When I arrived and met Frank, I was greeted with kindness and instantly felt relief as I knew I had found someone who was going to help me rather than most other car salesman who just want to take your money and run. Frank made the whole process quick, easy and painless. I now have a safe reliable vehicle that I can transport my family in worry free. I want to thank Frank for all of the hard work and compassion. I would and have already highly recommend to anyone I know. Thanks Frank!

Chef and Food Enthusiast
Sep 25, 2013

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